Directions to share an image on your Instagram

1. Right click to download any one of the images. Copy the entire description (under the images) along with hashtags.

2. Upload image on your Instagram. Do not use filters. Paste the description along with the hashtags.

3. Under Tag People, tag @happy_neighborhood. Add your city in the “Location” column. Click share.


The International Day of Happiness is celebrated throughout the world every year by @happy_neighborhood.  Chief Happiness Officer of the Happy Neighborhood Project, Edwin Edebiri, supported the movement to establish this day. 

This year, we are spreading out the Happiness over a Two Day Span!

Day 1 (March 19th, 10AM PST – 4PM PST): On day 1, we focus on Business-To-Business activities including online networking, a $1,500 Dell giveaway, Entertainment, and Keynote Speakers (to be announced)

Day 2 (March 20th, 10AM PST – 4PM PST): On day 2, we focus on Business To Friends & Family, consisting of: Laughing Yoga, giveaways, dancing, and other entertainment!

Register for both Day 1 and Day 2 here:

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